eminently desirable that cystoscopy should be adopted. Not
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records of all deceased members of the medical corps of the Con
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depression or melancholy and hence is of great value in the treatment
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one of their medical officers. He however supporting
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put on the market under the trade name of soamin. This is
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with moxa were applied over the abdomen and for the
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in small repeated doses and nux vomica or some other preparation contain
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of curing patients had modified in a nuirked degree the jail like
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children and who acts as one of the secretaries to the
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and heart disease and no doubt that contributed to the deatli.
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sented an ancurismal dilatation which had ruptured into the left ventricle.
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The distinguishing features between pulmonary embolism or thrombosis
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whom 79 had never had measles before and all but 7 took the
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an aneurism. When the diagnosis of an aneurism is established or confirmed
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its various concomitants etc. belong rather to conditions of protracted con
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an innovation it is certainly one born of conservatism and conceived
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below the knee and below to a loop passed under the instep. A
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connective tissue and produce local emphysema. Violent contusions as in a
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minous and contained tube casts but these symptoms entirely disappeared in
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tuberculosis was the most frequent cause of pneumothorax and further obser
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is usually larger than the area of dulness would seem to indicate. There
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of the patient. Into this problem many complex questions enter
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one hour when she became partially conscious could understand
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hypertrophy to meet the greatly increased resistance to the outflow of the
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cence disappearing and of a paler hue with moments of returning
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ing that confusion and fallacy prevail on this matter that to
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brave and confident. Laparotomy was performed March 11th 1890.
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hence no ammoniaco magnesian phosphates present slightly
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stimulants as well as the hypnotics and anodynes which you give
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The phenomena produced by an aneurism are naturally divided into two
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the cause which produces it. When the effusion of air into the pleural
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a considerable strain on certain groups of muscles. There is a
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uterine diseases by any otlier instrument than this perineal retractor
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In glancing over this assemblage of physicians I observe several
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scription of the different operations performed on that organ and
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appendix the symptoms must have been due to the reflex irritation
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one recording the displacement of Dr. Fisher by the heartless
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determined before the formation of the fil rinous concretion this extension
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purpose of putting before those otlicers the latest and most api roved
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something irresistibly impressive in benevolent action
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building was rented and previous notice had been given
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that nearly all centripetal nerve paths are interrupted in the ganglia
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I strung instrument No. 10 12 or 14 whichever I wished to use
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moods. It has seldom if ever failed to secure their
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the dlflereutial diagnosis for localized jjucumothorax is almost always h w
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rative. Thus it is hoped that his reference to the work
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slight straining and tenesmus after Avhich the effects passed quickly
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heart a by excitement b by stimulation of the heart by the
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or encysted by fecal distension of the colon and may indeed be impossible
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well received by those who have prepared themselves in general
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The general plan of treatment of acute simple lymphangitis is antiphlogis
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There are instances in which death has taken place very suddenly chloro
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delirium recovered under the use of nitro muriatic acid as detailed
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in very chronic cases the clinical picture may be very similar the large
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being able so far as his observations have yet led him to include