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the treatment of uterine disease, and further, by excel-

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their existence. Of these faculties man can form no concept.on,

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absolute health, under the influence of no henxiitary

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Especially if it be an Infantile Stomach. The different forms of summer complaint are

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it was drawn in. The advantages claimed for it were, great

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they are not usually painful in their quiescent state, they are often sub-

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successive nights. At first the attacks may be a year apart,

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ACTH by the pituitary. Double bonding or unsaturation of

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Since it has been shown that iodoform is not an antiseptic, the

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in use for these affections, I venture to bring it to the

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eighteen months, he had seen forty-seven cases suffering

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Ix the " Berliner klinische Wochenschrift " Herr Halter

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be mixed with some disinfectant before being disposed of.

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according to location. This is represented in Table A 2.


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ter that impressions of color leave a long-persistent trace, and hallucinations

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allowance for laundry. After training the nurse must agree to serve the Institute

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severe abdominal operations it is well to raise the foot of

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orem. Gavage was tried but proved unsuccessful, all

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Especially if it be an Infantile Stomach. The different forms of summer complaint are

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could be settled, without reference to the pregnancy or

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nuich a case of emergency as that of a bleeding artery.

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red cells taken into citrate were thrice washed in J per cent gelatin Locke's solu-

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die until seven months after the blood-culture was made (Panichi^).

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The status epilepticus seldom yields to bromide, or indeed to any

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with a hot bottle. Seclusion within a wann room half an

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of pure hydrochloric acid and four of water, until the structure

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The epithelial cells are seen enlarged, slightly opaque, projecting more

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