of leuksemic retinitis is the appearance produced by the aggregation of color

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mukites in the aftlcted area or is discharged through the ruptured oritiees

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Professor James Miller contained in the Lectures on

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made by the writer on removing the sternum and cartilages they were found

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in his plates so also his drainage tubes with directions for shortening them

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ovaries presented signs of chronic inflammation and together with

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Repeated attempts were made for leave to attend the

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but we think there is great scope within perfectly safe limits for

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Limbs flaccid knee jerks active no Kernig. Pupils equal

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by other means. In healthy blood tliey display active amoeboid changes at

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But still more in your emerald satchel you possess an

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hysterical maiden. Queen Mary of England who married Philip

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a destructive character that treatment however vigorous avails but

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are sent backwards and forwards from Shanghai as to

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is an exponent of the kind of scholarship and training which is at

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rolls having first been drawn out of each mould and

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part of the tissue. They vary much in size and appearance. Three forms

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over the crucibles. The iron melts in a short time

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had been overstated in some medical discussions. He did not

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frequently it was found that by treating some of the organs which

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monly detrimental to health the inhabitants enjoy a

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of the organ became fiery red and excited the surprise of the other

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coexistence of both factors in the disease. In one case an exacer

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children the youngest of whom was aet 12 or 15 years. The menses

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ceeded by diarrhoea. When admitted the temperature was 98 the

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the tricuspid valves in the adult are almost always associated with mitral

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administration of diuretics or drastic cathartics and perhaps for tapping.

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the last tAvo years patient had been bed ridden and insisted that

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relief of the catarrhal trouble the dyspnoea and heart symptoms dis

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of fifty slaughter houses and converted these health and life de

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as 1000 grains of bile of high specific gravity has been obtained from

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cles as recorded by the graphic method. The authors conclude that

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braces the mineralogy the chemistry the botany the pharmacology

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with colloid so that the intervesicular glandular tissue is diminished

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nerve in the aqueduct of Fallopius nor the geniculate ganglion.

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A comparatively frequent symptom of aortic regurgitation is a distinctly

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bibliography of current literature extending in this number as far

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them to attend the religious services held in the lecture

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and also to examine food drugs disinfectants and other articles by

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horse grease. Apart from these speculations a Dorsetshire surges

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as we know of nothing which Avill shorten such a convulsion and I

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cause of blood infection and its purpose is the prevention of this

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knowledge of the subject could now on examination of the thera