feebly virulent of the substance (receptors) upon which the antibodies must

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exist through the winter in the human subject, who either seems perfectly

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statement that albuminuria occupied the position of a border

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to 13,800. In 5 cases of doubtful influenza pneumonia, the white count

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remains stationary for a day or two, and gradually subsides. The subsidence

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dead, and the causes of death. These he felt were the most

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Haig beheves to be the essential cause of it, as well as of

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Symptoms and Course. — After infection there is an incubation period,

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It is a useful precaution to have the joints and limbs that have been attacked,

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prey to disease than the native. This is well exemplified in the case of the

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ing forty -eight hours. Lecorche and Telamon fed four tuber-

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know how long it has been since a tub bath was given. The lymph circula-

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to avoid expense is laudable. If the statement is favorable,

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underfeeding, excessive exposure, insufficient supply of oxy-

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hemorrhage. As a rule the average loss of red cells is about 1,000,000 per

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hygienic conditions were good, but the author feels that a careful study of

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the opacity of the lab^Tinthine portion of the kidney; but microscopically,

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contrary that the acid (sarco-lactic) is one of the metabolic

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elements, which probably is the case in the vast majority of

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of the cricoid cartilage, which can be easily identified by touch. The nail of

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gestion, and catarrh of the finest bronchioles. They differ from the latter

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prominent. The most obvious lesion, microscopically, consists of the for-

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relapse is a good example of this. In a doubtful case we must remember that

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Insurance Co. for the extreme courtesy and splendid

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and in children. Among the last-mentioned class, however, there are fre-

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way. An efficient corps should be organized for the purpose of cleaning

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of most febrile affections by lowering temperature and serv-

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of twenty-four hours patches of membrane of a dirty-white color can be seen.

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one usually follows the other. The swelling appears first behind the angle

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tion of that in the third Aveek. The mental state is worse, the patient lies

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epithelium rests usually prevents the membrane on the surface from uniting

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sprays, or gargles. As a rule the nose is best kept clean with a nasal douche

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warm friends of his associates, who sincerely mourn the

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Enlargement as a rule is greatest at the height of the attack, although the

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measles, and in 83 of 161 cases of diphtheria only. In but a small proportion

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test, and for this purpose they secured a number of volunteer subjects,

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disease has become endemic probably results from mild infections during

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practice of concealment of cases, and the officials and local physicians now

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entery Group,' " The Journal of Medical Research, vol. xiii, No. 1, 1904.

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In patients dying in the distinctly lethal period of the disease, the face