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zungen des Augea/ delayed by the illness and death of Dr.
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friction. Calomel and opium were given, but he became worse, and
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amination present the evidence of an expanding neoplasm sit-
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and about the wound. In both the choroid was involved, and one
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there is a frequent tendency in the simple angioma to become
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and barking." Among other remedies, morphia was tried subcuta-
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countenance, alternately pale, yellow, blue and spotted; has sometimes enlarge-
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vessels, as aneurisms and varices. At the same time, the diffi-
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eases of the throat, the lungs, and the heart, are the necessary consequences, and
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marked remission — a dangerous truce. When the heat of skin is
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Ch. Clarke. This springs from the little prominence which
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These patients should be placed absolutely at rest. Moving
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know the quantity of air the lungs will contain, and whether or not inhalation has
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the age distribution and the economic classes of the patients
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stamping out the plague," wherever it might first appear, and
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Renovator, Catarrh Snuff, Anti-Bilious Pills, or German Ointment, in connection
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although in a few the complications which occurred requix^
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it is the first time a reasonable and philosophical explanation, founded upon known
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October 20, a death occurred in three different vessels while per-
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absolutely dangerous. During the dry summer an accumulation of
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formerly in dread of a severe and dangerous cutting operation,
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Jahr. d. Wien. Ges., Heft. 6. With Lithographs.) — Squire. Im-
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The following case illustrates the clinical picture produced
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remarked by the celebrated Esquirol, ''that the children whose existence dated
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And this is merely in the use for washing. What the difference would be, taking
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as a neurotic, eager for sympathy. The tentative diagnosis of
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The solid benign tumour of the ovary need but seldom be re-
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type of aortic insufficiency. The patient at some time apparently
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tests for it. The author looks on colchicia as an alkaloid, the salts