The national bird of Dubai is Falcon. The people of Dubai love the bird so much that you can see the image of this bird everywhere in the city. The nationals of UAE pray this bird as it is believed that this bird is somehow related to the religious values. The image of this bird is also the national symbol of UAE. This birds image can be seen at so many places in this country for example the uniform of the army of this country, on the police force uniform, the logos of ministry. 

You can see it on pages of passport of UAE. Even the driving licenses of UAE have this image more than one time. Almost all the postage stamps, All the Emirati airways have designs on its tails of this bird. Mostly all the companies of this country or even the companies running in this country have this image on their logos.


This bird is the symbol of force and struggle. It fights for food and survival. As said by an expert of heritage at Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage the falcon is one of the most important living traditions. “It is an important political and cultural Symbol” Dr. Khalaf, the expert of heritage said.


The bird is related to the deserts, it gives the people of Dubai the remembrance of their historical roots. This bird relates to many other historical and important cultural aspects like independence, mobility, hardship and accepting to the environment of deserts.  


Falcons, the national bird of Dubai, have the speed of 320kph when they dive. It the killing speed for a human. These facts are available in the book The Falcon, written by Dr. Helen Macdonald.


The people of United Arab Emirates have an emotional attachment with this bird as they say it makes them remember the bravery of their ancestors. This bird is a fighter. It lives in deserts and is a real struggler.


 Falcons are migratory birds. They can be trained for fight. They are hunting birds. Owing a trained falcon is a matter of pride. Some people there keep a Falcon for the sake of their prestige.


Falcon, the national bird of Dubai, is used for sports also. In India we used to owe a horse same way they used to keep a Falcon, train it and use it for sports purpose.

The trainers of these birds love them so much. The relationship can be compared with the relationship between a dog and its master. An important use of Falcon was to find where the water is? The bird can fly high and can see to a long distance. The people chase the bird to find out water at the place of water scarcity.

For the natives of United Arab Emirates the falcon is an significant part of their ritual and now emerging as a noble sport.