best hotel of dubai

If you go anywhere for a holiday, staying there is the biggest challenge for you. Dubai is one of the finest destination for vacations. There are so many nice hotels in Dubai. These hotels are so luxurious and comfortable that you will feel like heaven. People of Dubai are famous for their hospitality. It’s a pleasure being their guest. Here I am giving you a list of best hotels in Dubai.   

Burj Al Arab

The unusual design of Burj al Arab gives it the first place. The hotel is designed in a shape of billowing sail. It reaches at a great height of 1000 feet in the air. The beauty of the hotel grows with the moving light show. The sail shaped structure glows with the light show after the sun disappears. The interior of hotel is so nice that you will feel like a superstar or a big and famous personality.  The duplex suits are nicely equipped with rotating beds. The staircase of the bed is made of gold as well as marble. There is separate reception for each floor, and the butlers are always ready to assist you with all your needs. The great Rolls Royce cars are available for a trip to city. The finest of food is available here on order whether it is a seafood or organic one. So to enjoy Dubai with a feel of king, go to the Burj al Arab.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

The resort is marvelously located in the central point of extravagant sand dunes. This place is one of the most exceptional places I have seen in the world. If you can find the money for it, go for the secretive pool villa as they are an occurrence on their own. The other hotel conveniences are fabulous also. The staffs are welcoming and proficient. Climbing the dunes at sunset, dinner and sheisha at the tent..... It's a real feast to the eyes just driving up to the resort which itself is a sand colored palace to charm you into supernatural fantasies. It is a must visit for everyone living in the UAE cities.And for those who haven't had a chance to appreciate the beauty of the desert!

Shangri-La Hotel

This 43 floor hotel is situated in the heart of the city Dubai. The construction of this hotel was finished in july,2003. The height of this great structure is 200 meters. The hotel is a mark of luxury. The interior of the hotel is up to the standard of its brand. Here the guests are given special attention and comfort.

Al Qasri

The hotel is one of its types. The interior of this hotel is designed in such a way that it gives a feeling of high class sheikh’s residence. The madinat Jumeirah resort complex includes this hotel. The  resort is located at Jumeirah beach where it includes the beauty of sand. There are 292 rooms in the hotel. The Kids park, water Park,water sport and the beach view games zones are the special attractions of the hotel.

Bab Al Shams

Just with 113 rooms the hotel is an example of luxury and comfort. There are 8 restaurants in this hotel. All the facilities of a larger resort is available here. The Hotel is located in the deserts outside Dubai. The hotel have all the attractions for you including the belly dancers, Hukkah lounge, and Al Sharab lounge with a great desert view.

So these are the finest hotel of Dubai. Enjoy your stay.