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the blood with dry swabs it was found impossible to return the
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malarial poisoning or an extension of inflammation from the capsule or
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his work for some years until his departure from China.
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neutral signs that no diagnosis was reached until the patient was etherized
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cant but I think a sensible and practical construction of the law
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for paralysis. On being answered in the negative he started to
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Physician Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh. 35
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Except in superficial situations they are usually not recognized during life.
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cyst being small spontaneous arrest of development has occurred. Puncture
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membrane of the stomach intestines and bladder is often injected and marked
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impaired. Here small but rapidly increasing doses should be used.
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negative results in rheumatoid arthritis 2 cases cancer i case
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known as gelatinoid has been observed. In five IMontreal cases I found the
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taxis. Rheumatism and scrofula are said to be common in bleeder flimilies.
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Offenherg on Curare in llydrophohia. Dr. Offenberg of Mun
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ment of transfer stations 9. Inspection of steamboats and should
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carried out with success in spite of the theoretical objections of
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he has to assist in the punishment of an odious crime and protect
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Mortification of the limb had made considerable progress
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is complete but the foramen may be unusually large and remain unclosed
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present day on sanitary science and shows that hygienic laws
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hyoid bone down to the vertebral column. The main vessels were
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septic centre and consists of congeries of micro organisms themselves the infect
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nounced in the second and third weeks. Proliferative changes had
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nance of full held inspiration contrasts with the increased dulness developed
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pigmentation of the serous membranes has been found and is figured in one
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with an exceedingly offensive and extensive ulcer on the calf of his
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speak from personal observation but we may understand its
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very lamentable violent pain in his eyes both corneas
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ential sym tom. Unless valvular disease be associated with aneurism tlie
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a considerable proportion of persons suffering from leucocythicmia have also
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of lymph vhich gave it a milky appearance. It contained about
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Commissioners and some of the older physicians present it
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He emphasised the necessity of making up one s mind as to
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Angiomas. Case 4. A female patient aged 24 recommended
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attainment of the relief of the sick and suffering should be re
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dom. The book is beautifully illustrated and though
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condition by German authors well expresses the general characters. More
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drinking or attending to his excrementitial functions are provided against.
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The evil consetjucnces of uncorrected myo ia in childhood cer
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Dr. Welch and Dr. Councilman of the pathological department
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Robertson condition of the pupil there is some ulnar and thoracic
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membrane of the stomach is congested ecchyniotic and often presents numer
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and in large doses ma bring about a dangerous fall of systolic
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of your Association whether contemplated in their corporate
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tute people. A large quantity of provisions which had
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closure or even temporary obstruction of one or the other great arterial
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furnished alone in asylums and to those who have daily intercourse
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mental anxiety from the belief that they were ftitally struck with aneurism
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voluntary gifts. The pecuniary outcome of his benevolence is
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