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I feel confident that if reasonable precautions are taken such

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steadily though slowly and during convalescence he was taking a

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in relation to the existing splenic tumor but observers have not found the

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arteries become so brittle that during excitement they may suddenly rupture

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the lower dorsal and lumbar spine. Her usual attitude in bed

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Archiv. some account of his unexpacted medical experiences. He

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lastly the investigations of glycogen and the formation of sugar

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down from the Jennerian times. Vaccine will be furnished according

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cally always sufficient for a definite diagnosis in chronic ill health

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followed by serious results. Large sized canuLne should never be used for

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described we meet Avith cases in which a friction sound discovered over the

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the Surgeon General of the United Confederate Veterans em

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arrested by making the animals inhale either the benzoate solution

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ture of disease exactly like that described as rotheln. Yet in the

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discharged the growth having disappeared. The total exposure

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small nucleus behind it the hypoglossal nucleus and the nucleus

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the pulse imparts a sensation of thrill to the finger. Mahomed says this

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ments by any unquestioned examples. Moreover we should remember that

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sickness. The condition of the patient varies at different times and

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oppression after eating nausea and vomiting the latter may be an early

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turgescence or intense redness of the face or considerable injection

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Taking brandy sixteen ounces daily. Involuntary micturition. Thirty

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Aneurism of this artery has been seen after death. The diagnosis could

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examining recruits for the Yeomanry and last year there came

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floor of such ulcers calcareous masses and debris are frequently found.

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cially insists that the ulceration of these elevations is the consequence of

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will be found to have almost completely crowded out the pulp.

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always bad and depends generally upon the existence of splenic cancer only

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pressure upon the renal vessels first then congestion from obstruc

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the germs of disease some being capable of enduring much greater

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to consider and report on the suggestions contained in the Presi

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object is to point out some of the peculiarities of the summer

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of disease most frequent were dysentery and diarrhoea

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medicine in anticipation of possible trouble and it jiassed over

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was taken from contact in the closed mouth for five minutes.

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ordinary oedema. Absorption may be normal or perhaps increased and with

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This is the Third of the scries of health tracts issued by the

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medicine This disease is one of such a fearful character indeed

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influenced the destinies of the State and of the Nation.

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the liver or abdominal glands through metastasis or by extension of growth.

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native physicians and not a few were incurable. The

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matic influences. The congestion may become chronic and frequently does

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English settlement and the city to the westward near

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Fatty degeneration of the liver cells is a very common change.

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I am inclined to the opinion that the power to revoke license

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established an exploratory incision into the abdomen should be made

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tolerance to mercury and may not only have no effect upon existing

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regarded as a far more valuable guide in their use than the effect

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Diagnosis. We may suspect the presence of hemorrhagic effusions but

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The Lancet also calls attention to the observations of Brillat

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they were rather weak. Hewitt has used a pair of throat forceps.

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tion apart from the normal apex impulse should be critically marked and

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the willingness of the patient. But too often patients cease to

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soon found that the stiffness was due to some underlying condition

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about conducting medical examinations which can only be learned

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Ques. 8. Describe the stomach its size position divisions rela

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pneumothorax and frequently it has a very offensive fetid odor from putrid

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both sides. His widow was formerly Miss Ingersoll daughter of

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of the foreign residents were also affected. The forms

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form of porridge is by far the most valuable and reliable in the

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and making it appear that foreigners by trading in the

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lesions elsewhere than in the lungs may be bilateral. Pressure symptoms as a

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foreign residents had been small especially considering

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usually composed of the Avatery and saline elements of the blood with a

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harm. The conti ibutions of Westbrook Roberts and Leuf on this