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the circumstances under which the majority of private patients must
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Villages are springing up in every direction towns and cities are
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fession Massachusetts in 1869 legislated into existence the first
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of acute disease and fever. He could recall a case of typhoid fever
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racing. The matter was at once taken up by the Medical Officers
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pregnated with the poison if cold is relied on for the purpose.
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of inoculation with the secretion of a mucous tubercle as in act of
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celloidin for one month. After the thick celloidin had hardened
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their cells. The fatigue at the time is severe but in
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general apparatus were all lost in the conflagration of
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to which Dr Russell righth referred and which the author had
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its first sounds there are threatenings of a breaking down of the
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of position of the foot. There was loss of epicritic sensibility
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to be dissatisfied with the results obtained by the use of urethral
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Dr. Whittington read a paper on Fibroids of the Uterus which
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regard pneumonia as a local disease but as an essential fever of
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Beverley Robinson of Xcav York has still further modified
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act as a direct stimulant nevertheless the feet were soon bathed in
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in various parts of the city occasioning a stench almost
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The question of the management of sewage in our large cities is
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though apparently drawn from the customs of the Egyptians were
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any form is apt to be associated with pleurisy and adhesions between the
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with this matter that his system was to put the ana sthetised
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their idols and become devoted and earnest disciples
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de sac and washed out the peritoneal cavity after Peaslee s method.
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disease. Some observers set the reaction aside almost with con
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cavity of sterile vaseline oil. Case also exhibited jointly with
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bonic acid and absorption of oxygen. The effect of glycerine on
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soon became paralyzed on the right side and lost his speech. He recovered
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lungs pleura oesophagus and stomach is the common cause. Cancer will
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pleurisy Avithout any preceding symptoms. In cases of tubercular origin we
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and indigenous foreign and domestic climatic and anti climatic
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Club by an American lady Dr Bertha van Husen which we had an
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hypertrophy with dilatation in hearts struggling to overcome an obstruction
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that he had readers in many countries besides England has paid
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hospital report for 1857 the following statement occurs
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presents the physical characteristics and appearance of chyle due to the
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is the mode of termination in a considerable number of cases.
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cyanosis from malformation of the heart striking difterences are discernible.
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and suffering no matter how humble be there sin and misery no
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It seemed to him that these facts presented considerable features
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patients and the hopeful change that shows itself in the
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On August 1 7th the patient came to town looking perfectly well.
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herself by dancing until late at night. Next day was unable to
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ability. All remittances must be made payable to Thomas F.
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lesions have been so pronounced that the term intestinal leuktemia seemed
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They are reOchoed in the sonseless scroamings of insanity and they
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trouble in the left eye that he had experienced in the right one.
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Dr. Cheatham had a case of stricture of the cesophagus in which
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But caustic satire or the deft pencil of caricature can never shake
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vision of distant objects is blurred. Since divergent rays meet
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acute pleurisy. The principal points of diflerential diagnosis have been enu
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discriminated by physical examination. In cases of pressure upon the respi
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acceptable volume to the class of readers for whom they were
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Enlarged glands in the neck or enlarged veins with evidence of thrombo
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recognized. Here rest in the recumbent posture is ahsohitehj
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of these efforts has already been apparent but the final
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becomes pale and cyanosed the skin is cold and ofttimes bathed in
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which the trabeculis are more or less prominent. There may be hemorrhages
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how the contents of sewers may be rendered inodorous but innoc
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Committee of the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Association
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