possibility of this rare occurrence. The principal features of this case wei e

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accomplished this without increasing the contribution from each

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Propriety of Interference in Gun Shot Wounds of Abdomen.. 390

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It was hard to see the poor man enduring such torture

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Dr. Young presented the following report of the Committee on

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not try to escape. He said it would be of no use he

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been mistaken in several instances for the pigmentation of Addison s disease.

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The blood vessels of goitre are not exempt from pathological changes but

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jheumatic arthritis supervening upon chronic inadequacy of the aortic valves.

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whom I am chiefly indebted for these sphygmographic details declares thfit

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count for the peculiar blue coloration of the skin and mucous membranes in

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slight or Avanting at the outset of a paroxysm and afterward become fatally

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with little hope of saving life the arm and leg were

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managers meet for the transaction of business. It has

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more or less ra idly and in certain situations occasion death instantaneously

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tween 80 and 85 C. by its melting point being between 99 and

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most total destruction in its unprecedented revival in

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haps so mildly that it was not recognized. Diarrlicea is recorded

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importance to justify their consideration. The sphygmographic tracing of

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onset may be sudden more commonly it is insidious the patient complain

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with negative results. I prescribed the Pinus Canadensis White

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tion and appear among the excretions in the form of urea uric

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About 1850 Dittrich of Erlangen by his studies of inflammation of the

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the functions of the kidneys can be properly restored these symptoms

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tablet in the hall expressive of this feeling. These

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judgment. The antiseptic the ordinary the open and the hot

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the tumor pleurotomy must be used as recommended by Moutard Martin

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taining 10 grains of boracic acid to the ounce and continue the

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the blood should be constantly becoming less by diffusion through the pulmo

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dies however have placed you in a position to appreciate the state

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diathesis Idiosyncrasia haemorrhagica. Ger. Bluterkraukheit Blutsucht

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in the eastern and southern suburbs until 1846 when

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vagina. For the treatment therefore of gonococcal disease whether

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in very chronic cases the clinical picture may be very similar the large

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tanilid in water when antipyrine is present 1 fluid ounce dissolving

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with iodoform gauze for its antiseptic influence and to aid in

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established. Indeed he would regard the change in this tissue as the primary

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and secondary deposits are often obscure and indefinite. They are not sufli

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have become the growing conviction of almost all scientific minds

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easily soluble and it is much cheaper. In a recent number of the

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inflammation and ulceration 3 deeply excavated ulcer 4 much

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mate that there can be but little movement of the attached portion. The

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Chinese language and are prepared to enter upon the

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of ten or twelve miles as taught by Dr. Lethcby scarcely two

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There are many eminent ovariofcomists both at homo and abroad

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determining if there were any adhesion anteriorly. After satisfying

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ployed. This frame is two feet in length by one foot

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the local members of the Committee on Credentials and signing the

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contrast with that of some of the Government officials.

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ment and introduced a method of his own. The relief was to be

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men generally are making such persistent efforts to stay the progress

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duced by a number of diseases. Having had no previous personal

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generation well and we think of them as now engaged in a higher

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Dr. Way said lie was the only member of the State Society in

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injections to 24 patients in the hospital. We have had entirely

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out the spirits with His word and healed all that were

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were as ready in the cure as in the diagnosis Unfortunately how

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Some of these patent disinfectants are good deodorants but the re

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proteids in the form of serum albumen and the fibrin forming factors

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In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied

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With regard to after results of prostatectomy he would like