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' In the volume before us Mr. Cheyne has made a very valuable

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and protect it. A placenta is formed with its cord, fluid surrounds

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but, as regards my experience, this is rather the exception than the rule.

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him $100 for his short sightedness. An appeal has been

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largest nnmber of deaths from convulsions and spasms, occurred both amongst the white

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which so often form in erysipelas, according to this

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the femur from the acetabulum, which is on the pelvis;

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back of the patient when on the operating-table. This

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form of disease be pushed back upon another whose skill they

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processes pass into the epithelium, some of them nearly reaching

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facts. Three of these cases we report in full, because, in the treat«

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unless a compressor is applied, and then pain supervenes, either from the

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it is certainly one of the most unfavourable, though not always

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fibres have their excitability depressed after morphine, it follows that the

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circulatory collapse soon manifest themselves. The patient wears an anxious

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anterior surface of the lungs is normal in appearance.

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ject, allusion was made to the letter of the late Dr. Ed-

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deep coma of two hours, and were perfectly normal again. Ale is

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toiled as usual, ar.d had no thought of any unusual

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terdon, N. J.; New York Obstetrical Society (private); Og-

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month), no charge of infanticide can or ought to be entertained. Are we to

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Dr. Rockwell said that he had administered a grain a day

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seemin*; to l»iar the snnx! relation to the latter (cotoYn)

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oxygen, but more carbonic acid ; and thus the atmosphere mast

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well that the subject has thus been brought so promi-

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best local remedies; whUc the general condition, including that

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a drachm of laudanum, she was suddenly seized with violent convulsions, sprang a

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Liposuction, Trauma; Hand, Maxillofacial, Head and Neck, Burns, Micro Vascular

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what must amount to complete occlusion occurring at the central

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test. A method of treatment suggested by Schiotz [10] , of Copenhagen,

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those of vertical muscles are more important. Defects in distant vision are more

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operation with the infliction of the least possible suffering to the mother and