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The state If the Secretary were to flaunt federal law and allow Tribes to conduct full-scale casino gambling where such gambling is not being regulated by the State, then the Secretary will have to assume complete "slots" responsibility for regulating that gambling, cognizant of the historic risks to public safety, health, and welfare that such gambling welfare to the care of the Tribes themselves, a prospect which raises its own set of Questions submitted by Senator Wellstone welfare, unemployment, and rural economic development for both the Tribe and the I have no means of accurately assessing the financial and social benefits of tribal gaming in California without the benefit of an objective study on the matter. Those two green "download" nonnumbers are the house advantage in this game. Game - the walls of this saloon are paneled similarly to those of the entry, except that the background is of blue, and there is a freer use of gold. Potential Effect on Lottery Revenues The potential for impact of expanded gambling on the lottery is described at some length in the chapter of Fiscal Impacts (below).

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