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Acinous Cancer, or Spherical-Celled Carcinoma. — These occur

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hydatid tumor may continue to increase in size until finally it bursts into

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are carried on into the stomach, escaping the gastric secretion they

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Caries, necrosis, especially when the larger joints are involved, rickets, dys-

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nized arc those in which dropsy is not a prominent symptom, and when

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Age is an important element of prognosis. The period of greatest mor-

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Chronic Synovitis, or subacute synovitis, frequently follows an attack

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occurs during the third or fourth week of the fever, it is most surely con-

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^right's disease is very different from that of capillary bronchitis occur-

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portal congestion may be relieved by leeches about the anus and an

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The symptoms of this dislocation are distinctive. In general, all the

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attack, but soon becomes accelerated, irregular and intermittent. Pho-

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cesspools and malarial inlluences are powerful i)redi;;p(j:;ing causes.

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all. The respiratory movements cause an upward and downward motion

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cmmia, intermittent (malarial) fever, acute yelloiu atropliy of the liver, acute

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this has been given as one of the results of inflammation, it may have

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alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or any stimulants should be tolerated. Injec-

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in young people. It is claimed that the imperfect structure and the

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slightly elevated, of a dark pinkish hue, and disappear only on firm press-

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long continued there is progressive emaciation, until the wasting is greater

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with acute phthisis. But the history of a well-marked cbill, followed

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nitrite has been tried, and found very efficient in combination with alcohol.

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etc., may prevent the surgeon from securing apposition of the frag-

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of gastric ulcer, and is the one indicated when the unqualified term, ulcer

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many cases. The treatment consists of the application of cold or other

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that abortion is usually induced when it attacks pregnant women. It has

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significant disturbance of the stomach, a slight vomiting, or a moder-

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changes, becomes caseous pneumonia, In both cases the round cell infil-

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congestion and oedema, pneumonia,' which is usually lobular, and pleurisy ;

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disproportionate to the amount of fluid." Laennec regarded murmurs or ''bruits" as due to spasmodic

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pearance. Under the microscope ^. ^- Epithelium of conroluted tnh0> containing granu.

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falls into the trachea, it excites violent spasms of coughing and dyspnea,

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the sphygmograph shows a short up-stroke and a flat summit (pulsus tar-

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Incised Wound. — An incised wound is one having an evenly divided

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varies in color from a bright yellow to a yellow-red.

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attention. There will be wanting the typical temperature trace and tho

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fro *' character, while that of endocarditis is soft and blowing. Endocar-