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By John Francis Burns M. D. Senior Assistant Charity Hos

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First the number of elective studies in the A. B. course all of

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croupous deposit having extended into the bronchi. A careful

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growth of this organism. Patient made a rapid recovery and can

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This work the author tells us is the result of thirty years of

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sources of the various countries of the globe and the

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and presents very closely the appearance everywhere revealed by its external

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myself. The amount of active salt is spread out into so thin a

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Perry Louisburg. He graduated in 1840 at the University of

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and flushing of different parts or more permanent as in diseases

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gases and palpation will detect the greater hardness of the gastric tumor.

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Addison s disease was published by Dr. von Kahlden in 1888 too

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flatness is mingled with the tympanitic quality as it is in percussing from

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cavity. Sir Thomas Watson reports a case where enormous hemothorax

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portion of cases. Such writers have failed to distinguish between the pri

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The competitive examinations instituted in England be

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capable of taking np more oxygen than usual and carrying it to

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ties as also in their chemical constitution. Generally the substance contained

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from a fever the fourth following the inspired nar

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frequency of micturition. Per rectum the prostate was scarcely

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vince of Canton at a distance of from five to seven

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masses passed frona another patient after a dose of oil and the

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Deductions in reference to alimentation made from the composi

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some but a few only it does mean the principle which aims to

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abstract heat cold should never be employed more sevei ely than

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termination of cherished hopes and years of toil could

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they would be heard and attended to at the consulate.


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interesting observation of Fleischer and Penzoldt as a mean of 57 accu

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disease. On removing the sternum and cartilages tliey Avere found adherent

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for school teaching was always considered drudgery Can it be

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largely tried not only in the General and other Vienna hospitals

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Macao was sold and the erection of a new hospital in

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fine personal appearance the elegant address and dignified yet

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of a common picture nail. This is applied to the hernia and fixed

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therapeutical knowledge intelligently. We must know the name of

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which a bridge of bone is retained behind the eyebrow though

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and that impressions are delayed for 0 036 of a second.

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running together. Finding argument and instruction useless I

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health a sudden return of indisposition terminated his

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necessary to enable us to maintain our loork xnith vigor and accept

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months. In most cases at the end of three months the patient s

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and it has been taken up by all with great keenness.

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fifteen minutes night and day being bloody in character and the

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advance on its usual value in copper cash. The com

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jerks and Achilles jerks were absent the Argyll Robertson con

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clinical report of 752 cases of forceps delivery by Dr. Geo. Johnston

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depreciation of therapeutics by presumed medical Ecientists who

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he continued at work. January 6th he began to show signs of a

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collapse or emphysema of the lung Avith great hypertrophy of the right

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sable to risk the sulphur application to the throat at first as I

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tee on Publication. The purport of the resolution is that the thanks

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who have had far greater success in a hirger number of cases. To

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in the struggle of life with those of non syphilitic parents. Xow

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cells the process beginning in the layer of flat cells. The new formative

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applies as Avell to legitimate pregnancies as to illegitimate.

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therefore he had no incentive to attend the lock wards.

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were puffy and the limbs much swollen I wrote a prescription for

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the most thoroughly practical manual for the use of the general

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Jersey Durgin of Boston Thompson of New Orleans Harris

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Ovarian Tumors to read so that should she consent to the operation

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the throat symptoms are associated with in the male salpingitis

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B. Roberts and to his remarks in this volume the reader is referred.

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gynascological science for their Library as heretofore in their

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place under psycho therapeutics isolation massage etc..

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careful investigation exhibited the evidence of perforation either by mechani

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their repetition although improvement of appetite and cessation

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yellowish color and is entirely harmless. Samples were distributed

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instantly fatal. In the cases where there is hypertrophy with or without

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ward pressure changes might be occurring. Thus although at

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and blood purifying processes in the body are more fully known.

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doubled and it was feared the people would experience

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but no pulsation could be felt in the popliteal anterior or posterior

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six days in 3 cases seven days in 1 case. Desquamation was often

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no characteristics or pathognomonic symptoms of rupture of the aorta.

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rarely fail to produce its specific effect withiu 3G or 48 hows just

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a test tube and allowed to cool the characteristic reddish brown

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noticed how the attendants of patients outside the hospital will

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semi circular ends and the silver poured into an iron

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ference between the arterial and venous blood pressure. The greater this

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by Claudius Galenus who also considers it a kidney disease. The

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attributed functional disorders to over straining of the heart by occupations

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lecture room. At the same time the subject I propose to deal with

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already mentioned as being placed near Magdeburg. The daily

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classics and prepares theses on separate passages from

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was no vomiting. Tongue furred and bowels constipated no rigors.

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bottom Ghrysarobin or Chrysarobinuni page 382 6th line from

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Never having met with a single case of the above character

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are insufficient to establish definitely that the solution of dialyzed

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she was frightfully convulsed. As soon as she could swallow I gave

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not remain in its normal position without a pessary. Acknowledging

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discredit upon Ferrier s obsei vations as hostile to the views of Gall