ing to palsy, great pain and tremor in the limbs, and often violent head-
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Tympanites is usually little marked during the first few days, and may
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removed along with the glands if necessary. Cheyne has deliberately
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and Bar Infirmary, and of attending ii course of lectures on the diseases of the eye.
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with the fingers, depending upon the parts to be treated. Among kneadings the
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tion depending on these various paralyses may be present. Nystagmus is
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increase of the respiration is required to preserve a due balance between
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of a mild nature, at others they are very violent ; the mouth sometimes
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sion of strength, and with the peculiar condition of the sensoriuni, ^dti^B
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Anatomy and Operative Surgery, by - . ■ . . Dr. J. C. Wmv.
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with powder and at once returned to the contractor ; in this way no risk is
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particular regions — and some cannot be removed from the latitude
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rounded, as stated above, but the waist is drawn up, the chest contracted,
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light. There should be a small pillow beneath the shoulders, so that the head
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of the generative organs have been described elsewhere.
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frequent intervals, and if it be discoloured the drug should at once be
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what animal it is most desirable to take the cornea from, though he has
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fot'ehead daily became smaller, and two months after the operation, the
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same frequency. One or two other examinations were made during the
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year, by the advice of Dr. Odin, he applied at the Boston Eye In-
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and fifth days of the illness, the mortality was 45 '5 per cent. The expla-
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Anomaly in the distribution of the Arteria Innominata. — f n a patient
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aloes et myrrhsB, the pil. rhei comp. — all, in many cas^s, fail to do this ;
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wholly cured, the condition of the patients suffering from Graves' disease
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physical examination, it will be found evei'ywhere resonant, and loud intestinal