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sidered that attendance on this class is entirely voluntary. In

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of its volume, whilst after coagulation it only contains 40 or 42 per cent.

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Definition. — Inflainniatioii of the tissues of the larynx caused by

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there are numerous valuable facts recorded, the importance of

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food, except an occasional spoonful of water or gruel ;

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nus, the anus, the vulva, and prepuce, are sometimes affected. The affec-

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in the auditory centre, not only for the accomplishment of speech, but

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may be quite unable to move arm or leg. Paresis, then, undoubtedly

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complains of pain in the metatarso-phalangeal joint of

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Professor MacAlister most kindly replied as follows to an

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Private individuals, colleges, academies and scbfvls, furnished witii-all the above promptly, and at

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has been going on in recent times here as elsewhere.

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(Bastian'). " In ursemic coma, according to Bourneville, the temperature of the

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close our notice of the Report. However deplorable the events which

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others, we recognize convincing evidence of the refining and ennobling influences

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minutes by chemical irritation alone, blood tension is

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Fleet are equally striking. The number of cases of Mediterranean

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arrangement of the nervous and digestive systems of this entozoon.

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cupped in the neck to the extent of 8 o~. — ice to be applied to the head.

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