height of the cell column with a millimeter ruler, again

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manded me so to do. You may tell Sir John as much, and

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the tongue, but occasionally they occupy a strip along the dorsum, not

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Diagnosis. — Two main problems present themselves for our considera-

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a. To avoid infection, which is due to carelessness, sterilize the

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of Carrasquilla's Anti-leprous serum and Koch's Tuberculin). — 98. Pye-Smith and

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factory results from opening the pustules, removing incrustations, and

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the head, of which the well-known clavus is an example, namely, a fixed

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the sterno-mastoid, with its centre opposite the angle of the lower jaw.

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(i.) The application of astringent and cautic remedies. — Amongst

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in case of starvation. He used for the purpose a lot of rab-

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heightened if the urticaria be accompanied by itching. The distinction is

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precocity and old-fash ionedness which make him unpopular in the nursery,

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applied for weeks or months. It promptly relieves the burning and

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a useful purpose also, and, according to French observations, prevent

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This substance, when injected into the circulation in animals, produced

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rf. Serum for Serologic Tests. The blood is drawn or placed

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with induration around it — the so-called acne indurata ; but there is no

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before, it finally dies out. The affection does not seem materially to

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degradation; sometimes it has been intensified or even engendered by the

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In puerperal insanity, too, this symptom is common and may retard

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by Richet, Chassaignac, and Nelaton; more recently an admirable

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must be adapted to the varying phases of the eruption. Antiseptics

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sets of symptoms may be the common result of a morbid cerebral con-

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the leaders of the medical profession have also furthered

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other areas of pressure becomes congested, and sloughs appear with

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graver or more difficult than his course in such cases. For instance, a young

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friend than Samuel Garth, M. D. It was to his doctor

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the falling of the hair in greater or less quantity. The most common and

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distressing. In exceptional cases the colour may be quite "bronze,"

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even earlier. These are most often seen in the form of a broad band

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the University) received a baronetcy from Charles I., or de-

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will suffice. This healeth cold diseases of ye brain, harte,

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mercial comparators using colored discs are available.

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Aene-Comedo — Bacilli. — Found in the deeper part of the comedo,